Princess Wilhelmenia Keyserling’s Meditation of the Ten Directions

Below is an audiotape of Wilhelmine Keyserling’s talk on the Ten Directions and Ten Powers. The talk leads to a meditation with PrimaSounds by Ralph Losey. For more information on the directions and powers, see the School of Wisdom page, From the Depths of the Universe. Wilhelminia, who preferred to be called “Willy,” renounced all her titles and nobility, which she called bullshit, although in truth she was a Hungarian Princess. Her husband, Arnold Keyserling, was an Estonian Count (and grandson of Bismarck), who also repudiated the nobility nonsense. Together they were students of George Gurdjieff and others they met in their search for truth and helpful mind/body exercises. Their quests led to India where Willy and Arnold lived in Calcutta for over three years in India. Willy studied Yoga in the late 1950s.

Eventually they moved back to their home in Austria where they lived and taught in Vienna since 1963. Willy, who was always very athletic, taught Hatha Yoga (the first in Vienna to do so and one of the first in Europe).

She also taught with Arnold, who was not athletic, but was a Professor of Philosophy at the Academy of Art in Vienna. They both taught Meditation and world spiritual traditions, including the Western Esoteric traditions of which they had extensive first hand experience.

The Ten Directions taught here includes knowledge they both obtained by meetings with Native American “medicine men” in the late eighties. Princess Keyserling was a very remarkable person in every respect. Hopefully this audio will give you a taste of her personality, deep knowledge and presence.

Willy Keyserling’s Talk and Meditation on the Ten Powers and 10 Directions
Wilhelmina Keyserling 1921-2010

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