School of Wisdom Student, Ralph Losey, in 1992 on Chakra Energies and 10 Directions

Ralph Losey 1992

Here is a rare audio tape of Ralph Losey in 1992. This was a warm-up talk to School of Wisdom students at one of the first week-end workshops in U.S. He had been student of Keyserlings since 1971 and, by the early 1990s, was just starting to create PrimaSounds.

In this audio Ralph is talking about numbers, the mathematics underlying esoteric spiritual traditions, including the Native American traditions of the Ten Directions and Ten Numbers. Each direction/number has a “Power” associated with it that you can tune into and receive help from. For more information see the School of Wisdom page, From the Depths of the Universe.

This complements the tape of Princess Wilhelmenia speaking on the Ten Directions followed by a PrimaSounds meditation.

Ralph Losey in 1992 speaking on the School of Wisdom Energy Teachings

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