Guided Meditation: Feast of the East

Feast of the East – Number One – Year of Mercury 2017

Our age is distinguished from times bygone in that religious faith and commitment to a denomination are no longer important. Our age demands something very different: you must develop a connection with the numinous through your everyday life and work. As long as you are aware of what it is that moves you from deep within, (and understand it is the creative and nurturing power of Earth, itself, that is behind it), you can accomplish this connection, your life will feel right, and your work will become profoundly meaningful.

It is, of course, also very easy to be distracted by everyday life, to become inattentive to your true inner motives, and thereby to lose yourself and your way. This is why your work – your contribution to the work of the Earth – demands constant renewal.

The Feast of the East has great significance in this. The East is the direction of the Sacred Fire, it is the door to inspiration, and to the forces of growth and becoming. The East is the ever renewing and regenerating breath. But above all, the East is voice: voice that demands you to be creative, and to never be content with less.

The time of the feast is the time when nature puts on its yearly dress of flowers. You, on a different level, do something similar, adding something essential to the world and transforming it into something more beautiful and alive.

Imagine yourself standing on a hill in the early morning, just after sunrise, overlooking a wide spring landscape. Let your eyes wander over the landscape and take everything in. Then ask yourself: which of the Nine Numbers expresses and helps my creative work? Is it…

1  healing
2  creating
3  researching
4  caring
5  undertaking
6  communicating and balancing
7  initiating
8  arranging and carrying responsibility
9  planning and inventing

Remember which number you had chosen for the last feast, and try to understand if something has changed and needs to be adjusted. Finally, in your vision, look at the sun over the horizon and ask for a concrete word to enlighten and help your work. Number and word are today’s message; they are the East’s seed of light that will unfold and grow in the coming weeks, and will benefit your community.

Today in the East, in the year of mercury, number and word are of decisive importance. You may feel insecure, unclear, inert and hesitant, but through concentrating on them you will obtain the necessary strength to become, in your own unique way, the creator of something enduring. Your contribution is and will be, despite all obvious obstacles of the moment, an abiding part of the slowly emerging future we all hope for: the realization of true humanity.


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