Guided Meditation: Calling Your Ancestors

ancestors_calmMeditation of the Ancestors

The Meditation of the South-East in the Year of Mercury (standing for ability to Discern) represents a new and important step in the Work of the Earth. This meditation points to the future: it is the Time of the Ancestors, those who inspire through their accomplishments. Their inspiration, in turn, integrates into the mercurial ascent of this year.

Mercury is a traveler between the worlds, he is a guide who moves freely between our realm and those realms that are above and below. In order to support your work, he teaches you to position yourself correctly in the middle between macrocosm and microcosm; it is only in the middle that Above and Below – Heaven’s light and Earth’s power – can unite. Only there will you find the freedom necessary to give birth to the essence, to your Body of Words.

Mercury demands clarity. Mercury conveys freedom – without freedom there can be no realization of meaning.

Therefore: Resist any ideas that are unrelated to your inner self! Resist all pressure and coercion! Base yourself only in your motivation, in what moves you from the middle. In doing this, Mercury also requests you be skillful, dexterous, transformative, and that you stand in for yourself. All this leads to mastery; as master you are a first among firsts, and you contribute to the abundance we share together by making your accomplishments useful and fruitful for others.

In our times, there must be no spiritual hierarchies any more. For that reason, abstain from everything that hinders your autonomy and responsibility. You cannot find true meaning by walking trodden paths; rather, in order to escape the eternal return of the always-same, you need the courage to go beyond norms. Eventually you will find yourself capable to perceive inspirations and inner images, to take them seriously and unite them with your motives. Gradually, the contours of the mercurial revelation will appear on the horizon.

Before the invocation concentrate on your breath. Consciously guide it down into the Earth’s center and up into the middle of the sky. Do this a few times! Then recall those ancestors who make sense to you. As support in this year, ask for a word and an image. Then, think of the numbers one through nine. Be patient and wait, till you understand which of these nine numbers will be the important impulse for you this year. More is not needed.

All those who work for the coming new age of mankind overcome egoism and self-centeredness by understanding their work as a task for mankind and the Earth. Revealed today, in their simplicity and clarity, word, image, and number are tools for this purpose. They transform today’s feast into a rite of renewal and will carry you through the new year, pointing to a human future of freedom that, already on the horizon for a long time, is slowly emerging.

Everyone of goodwill, against all outer obstacles, contributes to this future with his self-chosen task, work, and meaningful life.

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