The School of Wisdom Returns to Political Action for the First Time Since the Rise of Nazi Germany

Count Hermann Keyserling

As explained in our About Page, the School of Wisdom has a history of opposing Nazis. We did so in Germany in the early 1930s and lost. The NeoNazi resurgence is personal. Hitler vilified, then closed the School of Wisdom in 1933 after he became Chancellor of Germany, later Fuhrer. Before that the School of Wisdom had been successful operating in Darmstadt, Germany since 1920 as a kind of combination Ted-Talk and meditation center. School founder Hermann Keyserling was put under house arrest and isolated for nine years, from 1933-1942. The virtual imprisonment caused a severe decline in his health and early death in 1946. The only reason Hitler did not kill Hermann is that his wife, Countess Maria Bismarck, was the granddaughter of Otto BismarkThey lost the School, their friends and their health. Herman died in 1946 before he could reopen the School.

The Nazis defeated us in 1933. We eventually came back, but it was a long, hard road. Chances are you have never heard of us. We have kept to ourselves and never returned to politics. It was not necessary to the School’s goals.

Now it is. Times have changed, but the spiral continues. The threat of Nazis demagoguery and hate has returned. We once gain rise up to oppose this grave danger.

All Neo-Nazis type groups must be stopped. All Demagogues must be stopped. All Liars must be exposed. Truth to Power!

One of the basic messages of the School of Wisdom is that meaningful action should come out of personal understanding, not the orders of others. Investigate for yourself to determine if you should oppose these hate groups. And who they are. Our primary “ironic” instruction is not to follow our instructions, but rather to reach your own understanding.

If  your understanding is consonant with ours, then we can join together in action, in peaceful protests. Do not follow anyone one or any group out of blind obedience. Go as your own true self dictates. Follow your inner truth. Then we can stand on even ground as friends.

Take action with us to oppose Trump and his administration. We will stand by your side, bringing along as much of our cultivated detachment as we can. Protest, shout and waive signs if need be. We will protest, shout and waive signs with you, but only if we can maintain our inner silence, our personal forcefield of calm and peace. Argue and fight, but do so out of Love, not Hate. Work on inclusivity. Common values. Take time out to meditate. Find hidden order in the seeming chaos all around you.

Stay Calm and Protest on

That is where our understanding has taken us. If you agree, then join with us.  Join in the protests, but take time out to meditate. Don’t let the fascists steal your inner Zen.

We are with you. We will never surrender. We will not be defeated again.

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