Twelfth Message


The newness comes from both without and within. Attempt to direct yourself to the task to the limit of your being. Your will must be transformed, clarification proceeds of its own accord. Every day you will have new inspirations and new thoughts of realization. Do not allow yourself to be dissuaded from this, for the spiritual occurs of itself. I know the way and your purpose is already a part of My energy. Muster all of your effort together and transform yourself into an arrow so that all will be carried along by you. Tranquillity is within, energy is sanctioned by action. Do not rehash, everything is already clear, and that which is not yet clear will clarify itself through contact. Mankind must be addressed, therefore your own writing is not essential. Everything is depending on the success of the revelation, for the new direction of mankind in the Universe will determine your future. The Keyboard is dead. It cannot be brought to life through writing, only in speaking from person to person. Here you cannot allow omissions to come about. The direction is not there if you do not proclaim it. To be a prophet means to have confidence, that one can blindly place one action after another and not let oneself become intimidated by it. The most stupid action is still action because it generates results. Actions are to be studied and investigated, they demand another kind of preparedness; they demand love, and love is directed toward people, not toward clarification. So remain true to the love which is now beginning. Every day think about how you can get out of the systematical life and into the independent and active life. Confer with all of your friends, much of the chaff will fall away– at every moment enough wheat remains whose kernels bear fruit.

The hand of god requires a starting point and he now begins. Do not keep falling back on the past, instead be a man down into your toes; follow your path and pursue each momentary aim of the moment like a warrior. If it was not the right goal, then it is a detour which will guide you in any case, because action is different from contemplation. The time for contemplation is finally past, now is the time for love and emulation. Take the people who gather themselves around you, they are the carriers of your impulse. Suggestions come, they carry them and because the direction is always there, no one can go astray. You are there to create trust and as much as one or the other are frightened away, the impetus will finally sweep them along. The time of beginning movement is bright and thundering, but it does not come immediately. You have been collecting for many years in tranquility so that your energy can now bear you. The flame of intent is still small, just kindled–soon it will become an all consuming fire, then your own small attempts will seem ridiculous. Nature is powerful and your work will also become powerful if you pursue it to the ultimate and accept no compromises.