Thirteenth Message


The essential experience is and remains love. It can’t be induced by sensorial perception because in order for it to penetrate inwardly and emanate outwardly one must be ready for it. Love is the medium of life to be attained, to feel at home with it and through it to examine and govern all phenomena.

The path to this total opening passes through knowledge of the gates of consciousness. These gates are given to us and cannot be transformed, because in them is borne the contact to other beings. Therefore let the gates remain open in order to begin communication until every false support is finally transcended and the inner flow corresponds to the outer current.

Your reality rests in itself. It must also begin to flow now. The lower vehicle is almost already formed, the middle one must be built. It is comprised of the abilities to overcome momentary anxieties and to live in constant communication. That is not an impossible task, for the preparation has already been completed. So wait now for the occasion which will set everything in motion –it appears every day in both new and old tasks. Through love the child is created, the seed, and the thought as much as the word. Love is the only thing which remains, the one joy which you can always partake of as soon as you hold the gate open.

What are the gates? The root lies in darkness and from it flows the energy of the Universe. The peak begs attentiveness. It shines in the brightest midday sun and is not only discerning but is also visible to others. This entity is embodied in the moments of decision, it proceeds from realization to realization whereby only the beginnings of the streets of light are crystallized, whose current links with yet other currents. And the energy, the light, the pleasure and the entity flow each into the other, carrying out the eternal exchange which not only encompasses the Earth, but the entire Universe.

Whoever opens himself up to the river of love loses his home: he exists in the Universe. I am with him, and he will be reborn; whatever he does it will not cling to him. But there is one thing he must observe: sorrows are not sadness, but are instead sometimes the starting point of a new decision. The dynamic of the river remelts it, spins it around and turns it, unites it with others. The burden is lightened and creates piers through which new currents flow. The current and stillness are poles, stillness can only emerge from the current. Then every event will become a starting point, an incentive, a pleasure. Sadness and darkness are no less powerful than laughter and jesting. But in the river man is truly man, he is the master of himself, speaking with things without harming their sacred quality.

Wait for the fulfillment of pleasure. This expectation alone produces this openness whereby love flows through all four gates and your center of being is included in the divine circular dance of happiness.