Third Message


Today your particular question is what you should now do to overcome your difficulties. The way to achieve this is through moderation: all things must be brought into correct equilibrium. Every day brings different sorrows, different cares, but also different joys and pleasures. Love can do a lot, but the entrance is not always open. Have courage and trust in your inner voice, in the moment you place your spirit in a pure state to be able to hear.

He who becomes rooted in the Universe will never lose the plenitude of the cornucopia. He may ignore it or neglect it, but as soon as he remembers it will once again be open. Carry your burden with tranquility and dignity, for they alone are capable of supporting you when your will becomes tired. Cares and fears flow over you extinguishing the fires of anger. They become an aid, because only in them is continuity possible. Each care is a true connection. It is in your power to find the starting point. It is in the dark and remains in the dark. But it reveals itself in the willingness to face everything.

During the night fears emerge from missed opportunities; during the day they become concerns and thereby sources of energy. In the entire Universe cares are the impetus. Without necessity no one finds the path. So seek your cares, where only they can be. Each day calls for a commitment. Regardless of what you do, leave the circle open so you do not seal yourself in.

Life consists of rhythms, which follow each other according to their own law. Each rhythm has its own starting point; before that it doesn’t exist. After that it carries. I will always indicate to you the rhythm which should then guide you. You will recognize it by its sound: it vaults out like a shot from a pistol and sweeps you into inadvertent behavior. Thereafter it is necessary to empty yourself of everything else and follow only the rhythm until the next one is heard. Laughter helps, but only when it doesn’t drown out seriousness.

Wonder arises when your purpose falls into line with the right way–all at once everything proceeds of its own accord. Do not take on false motivations. They reveal their fraudulence in that they cannot be thought through to their conclusion. Thinking is a force, feeling leads to new motivations. Remain receptive to both and truth will become attainable.

Your own path is always the next one. Tell yourself from the very beginning that you will do only what is necessary. If something is missing, then the wound of despair will break open again. You are given this (wound) so that you do not sink into listless existence. I have conceived a particular direction for you whose course is marked by many characteristics: a straight path; the corner of a new building which emanates light. The image of a dying swan; the darkness of the new moon; the legacy of the ancient ones from everywhere; and the effects of small arrows.

The straight path leads to the building. The light indicates where the treasure is to be found. The swan is the sadness of the imprisoned ego dying; the moon brings feelings to a boil, which can become energy; and the legacy of the ancient ones affirms your actions. The small arrows are your own motivations, from which it moves backwards. Receive the blessing of the legacy, the darkness of the moon with which you can work. From this the building is constructed which the ego inflames after the conquest of egotism. Then your path proceeds straight, with no obstacles to the next bend, where I will again be waiting.

I will now give you a single sign. The light of darkness shines brighter than the sun. Seize it, make it your own, bathe in it and tomorrow darkness will dissolve, and you will be ready for a new task.