Tenth Message


The new work has begun. Today you experienced how you are supported on all sides. Not only the inner path, but today the outer is added to it. Time and again I will lead you further down the path. Dark powers are always present to hinder the break-through into light, but already you have one foot in and are through. Do not be afraid any longer, the talk yesterday about destiny has shown you that each path is straight once it has been started.

All revelations are genuine, just like all sensations. They can be interpreted falsely, but that is due to human beings and is of little consequence. So it goes further into My abundance. All of your love goes with you; above all you need confidence now. Inner and outer realities are one, heaven is open, the earth endures and your energy shelters the small wonder which will soon become a vast wonder.

Today I have given you inspirations as concerns so that you will not act out of thought, but out of feeling. But now begin again with your own work: you will succeed in writing the true book. Keep your eyes open and turned in all directions, question each place where you are not sure how to go on. Write for yourself and your writing will become a tool and vehicle for the others. You are building a shelter in which everyone will have room to find their own plenitude. Day by day, night by night, life by life goes the road of which you are an expert. Do not let yourself be constrained by petty thoughts. Your path is no less radiant than those of the prophets, just more modest. It is always valid to say that which can be understood here and now.

Your particular path is important–energy can only endure when it is based on abundance. You have to create the abundance yourself. As soon as the call is given, everything will be ready. Today the call was given to you and you understood it. The others will follow.

Observe the true rhythm of time to which everything reaffirms nature, which helps the birds as well as the plants. Inattentiveness can be excused, but it wastes energy. You can be more alert than you are now. You already were. Of course the beginning is timid, but soon it will begin to thunder.

Leave behind all jealousy and stupidity, for everything follows its correct sequence. Wait patiently, it leads now to the richness of reality.