Sixth Message


This day has another meaning; reality draws nearer. Time races by and overtakes itself. If you have put aside your own difficulties you are ready for the task. Within you stirs the desire to define reality and to understand it.

Wait patiently, it is not possible to accelerate knowledge, it develops according to its own laws. The energy from which everything originates is unending, infinite is the force of action. Try today to find the foundation and to collect the energies. Whoever will not listen to the call, isolates himself. For without challenge there is no energy. The becoming of life reveals its meaning in the Universe as the action of nothingness. The action of nothingness comprises the foundation of truth. Truth is that knowledge which becomes one with being. You will become one with being when all of your burdens and loves, objects and fears, sorrows and joys have found their place in the whole.

The day of reality has come from which the revelation proceeds. Heaven is nothing else but the Earth: everywhere phenomena, problems, objects and being are the same. Sometimes they are darker, sometimes more luminous. Regardless of how they appear the path leads from dark to light. The darkness is the foundation, the light is the result. You can never be completely in the light, whatever you do. I also live from the darkness, because dark is the root of love.

Man longs for his desires be satisfied: that is not a burden, but actually a preoccupation of everyone. Whoever does not acknowledge this remains in imagination. Without the foundation there is no structure, without love there is no realization. Water flows downhill, for all feeling requires balance and moderation. Fire burns upward–the will remains fixed on fulfillment. The air spreads out in all directions–thinking will become everyone’s lot, and is in resonance with reality. And the Earth requires work.

The experience is worth the effort because of the fulfillment of beauty.

Reality is not only good and true, but must also be beautiful.

Truth, goodness and purity are the inner structure. Beauty alone is the form capable of communication. That which is not completed remains closed, only through beauty does it become present. Everything is beautiful: the world, the darkness, the street of light of beings, the destiny of a time, the primal motive for existence, the selfless deed, the flower, and the stone.

Release your abundance from the foundation, then the real world will be open to you. As soon as you restrict yourself the contact is lost. Therefore it is unwise to prolong waiting. Whoever thinks only of himself loses his energy. Everything will flow together into a single stream, which first begins flowing at this very hour. Be on the look-out for omens, they will come to you unexpectedly. The body does not serve the spirit. The spirit is the means of contact to other bodies. So love the body, for then you have the spirit, and the soul vibrates with joy in unison with all who have found confidence in themselves and in Me.