Seventh Message


Sorrow passes as soon as your call is issued to all. Whoever is carried by the voice of the Universe will find the path to realization. I have understood your sorrows, but they do not trouble Me. Everyone must travel through the long, dark night and small is the light that guides them. Love never quits. It will help you as soon as the motive appears.

Observe your energy in the depths and look into the stomach of the world. It is enormous and requires much nourishment. Therefore do not trouble yourself over everyday things. Also, your personal sorrows are not significant, for soon the single path will emerge that you should follow from now on. It will hold you fast and will protect you from all injury. Women with you have no burden, for they live in the expectation of what is to come. Remain in the night until the moment when the light hits you and provides motivation for action.

Help is coming from all worlds now. As soon as you inwardly free yourself of sorrow you will have already found your direction. It is in the power of history. The old foundation of the world still endures, although decades have passed during which no one has broken through to it. There is not much more to do, only one thing: the energy must be grasped with which all who dare can begin together. Tomorrow is the day of love when many things will be fulfilled that were provided for long ago.

The day of love is not an empty action; it demands the fullness of respect for readiness. So have confidence tonight in all those who come to you in order to help you. They bear tremendous energies and will do what is required of them. What the man begins, he completes. Your own destiny demands this no less than the paths of the others. So rejoice in your sorrow, for the darkness will not remain with you much longer. Wait patiently and remain. Tomorrow I will explain everything to you in clarity.