Second Message


Your question dealt with how the individual should act in relation to the Universe. The answer is simple: Try every day to do what is essential, and to accept everything that happens as a sign, a sign for the change of being. Every day has richness and yields energy. There is not one which does not lead to perfection.

There are no special things, all are extraordinary. Try to cast yourself into the depth of being, to enjoy everything to its fullest. Do not be hindered by anxiety, neglect no path. The world beneath pushes you aloft, absorb it with thankfulness.

I have created reality as appearance, which carries in itself the source of realization, if attention remains continually directed toward the miracle, toward the unknown. Each day brings forth different things, different dangers, different possibilities.

It is useful to follow a system of days in the concept of the week or of the year, but it is not a necessary premise for deeper experience. It lies in the intensity of devotion to the moment.

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, they all reveal the source of reality. Their origin lies in being, in the one who perceives and creates. And so this being should be and remain in the foreground.

Faith–the word no longer means anything. Today it means expectations, waiting. Waiting is not laziness, but being prepared for everything that presents itself. Only free energy lets itself be bound. Thereby it can be kindled as the fire of life to which each experience provides fuel. No single deed is true and real if life does not carry and preserve it. Thus the human being in the course of his life is already agelessly synchronized with this intensity, and finds the affirmation and jeopardy of his own existence in each person who is able to answer him.

It no longer needs to be emphasized, why small troubles are disturbing; they originate from impatience, and impatience is the lack of alertness. Remaining awake is everything, and every method results in this if the will is prepared.

How is the will prepared? No one can write a recipe for it, each person attains it in a different way: the first by laughter, the second by writing, the third by loving, the fourth by renouncing, the fifth by giving, the sixth by hating, the seventh in self-sacrifice. The goal is the same, the means of attaining it are many. Therefore do not concern yourself with the method. The correct way will appear at the correct time, and it will always be different than you expected.

There is no excuse for leaving the path out of grief. Grief is also energy if it is not neglected by love. Bitterness is cruel, senseless and stupid. There is nothing in the world which is truly destructive. Everything has meaning as soon as there is the one there to provide it. And that is always Me. I am at work in each beginning. Through action the beginning is lost and can only be reattained when a great stop interrupts the heavy inertia.

Life, love and action: these three are inseparable. Without them it is impossible for one to accomplish even the most insignificant thing. Love is omnipresence, all consuming, universal consciousness. It comes through letting go, only in trying to hold on does it disappear. Thus the path is clear and easy at all times. No one can lose it if he has learned to pay attention to beginnings. If in the morning you ask yourself what you can begin anew, then I will be with you. You must not rely on yesterday. But also do not look to tomorrow, everything will take its course. From decision to decision, from beginning to beginning runs the street of lights, the street of being. Events are fixed in it like stones in the ground. Therefore seek only the omnipresence and the beginning. You will find the necessary escape from every tragedy. Do not ever forsake a friend even though your love might temporarily be strained. Underneath the path continues further and then the day will come where the bond is once again recognized and tied. All beings are with you in friendship, otherwise they are not there in essence.

I am continually here and there, living in essence and dying in existence. Existence and essence are the same. You are beings and must find the way to existence. The path is difficult but worthwhile. Joy is felt immediately once the beginnings have been perceived.

Death is menacing, but only as an image. As a matter of fact the transition is easy and does not bring sorrow. Grief results when misconceptions supplant proper things and a shadow world represents real existence. Otherwise not. Therefore do not trouble yourself about the experience of grief. It perpetuates itself continually always in the same rhythm.

The consequences of what you do further affects the sphere of perception: today the world answers you with invisible signs, tomorrow with visible happenings, and then with the richness of realized expectations until the whole of existence begins to shine.

I will leave you now and say to you in parting that your path must run through the darkness, the light is not strong enough to bear you. Thus you will seldom discern lasting results, only flashes of perception indicate the truth of your direction. Whoever walks with you is responsible within himself for his entire being and legacy. He must remain open for that which is new and will be coming momentarily, which day by day is borne forth from the plenitude. Love your friends in being and validate them in their humanity, then your circle will become the sun.

During the course of tomorrow afternoon the further deepening of knowledge will take place. Keep your eyes open to everything that befalls you today. There is in it a semblance which could become reality if humility and contemplation are not found lacking. Therefore remain awake late into the night.