Ninth Message


What are the fundamental problems?

The motive of all action

the dark

the light

the clarification of consciousness


the answerer



the path

the past

dark words

renouncing everything

trying to be in the Universe

essential revolutions

destruction of false anxieties

worldly rules

old apprehensions and living motivations

the search for essence

holding on to happiness

caring for everything and reduction of misery as the guarantee of burdens

water as tranquility

life as energy

damnation in old age

redemption of the depths

the break-through into light.

The motive of all action is found in the origin of the world. Action means realization without ending, in harmony with history and love. When this motive is attained, all action proceeds correctly of its own accord.

The dark is the source of life. Whoever accepts it has found his origins and will never again swim aimlessly.

The light is always there, for no one can cover it. It always shines from an unknown distance and always from that corner where one least expects it. Therefore it demands continual preparedness to throw everything overboard.

The clarification of consciousness is a daily task and is achieved through dialogue with Me. This is more important than any exercise because the answer is direct and therefore the clarification is lasting.

Love reaches from the body to the last star, it is a bond which endures. One can never forsake love.

The answerer is always Me, even if personal thoughts come darkly in between, for it is always possible to break through to the beginning.

Waiting requires attentiveness, maturity, tranquility and being prepared for the unknown. He who waits will live and act.

Destiny is not unavoidable, because each apprehension began somewhere and it can be dissipated as long as one lives on the earth.

The path means to walk and to keep walking, going from time to time into the unknown. That is the joy of reality.

The past is only heritage as soon as the foundation is found in Me and in the Universe.

Dark words glow. The seed of newness comes from them, if one preserves them in their heart until the seed sprouts.

To renounce everything means to watch over everything calmly, for no problem can touch being.

Trying to be in the Universe – without weight, if the entrance to light is found and becomes the source of consciousness.

Essential revolutions are not intended. They happen through the joinder of your path in daily life with the Friend in the Universe. This is the true miracle, that the simple joinder redeems and changes everything.

Destruction of false anxieties–to be practiced daily and yet one will never be finished as long as one lives.

Worldly rules: they are to be transformed from a fixed foundation into magical lines of force.

Old apprehensions are harmless since everything enduring in the new direction requires force.

Living motivations are at the root of each new beginning.

The search for essence — find your thoughts, then the Being will be liberated from prison. Thought must be realized, that is the main task of the method which is known to you. Realization occurs only now in connection with your task.

Staying happy–deceptive. Happiness does not need to be kept, or else it is gone, it is preserved through the perpetual readiness to fall.

Caring for everything and the reduction of misery as the guarantee of burdens. The entire world is a burden, which you must take upon yourself. Try to meet it, then it will answer you and show you from time to time the next step through an omen.

Water as tranquility– Feelings carry only when floating, when held on to they become anxieties.

Life as energy if the depths have been sounded out.

Damnation in old age–deceptive. Age exists only in imagination, if the breakthrough fails and chains suffocate the spiritual heart.

Redemption of the depths and the break-through into light.

The end of the message.