Fourth Message


There exists no motive today to penetrate the essence of things, because time is at rest. Yesterday you made essential decisions which will bear fruit.

Try now to concentrate on that which is real; how will it be possible to clarify the new form of religion so that it will be accepted without resistance by those who would be prepared for it. First give your imagination free rein. Then you will conceive a plan. At that moment it will be advantageous to clarify the plan to the last detail. No one knows what will really happen. Everyone has a particular conception. But this is not real. The path will reveal itself from moment to moment. What you do today is right; focus yourself time and again on listening, and as soon as something essential happens the answer will come immediately. I have an armful of things which will flow in your direction–beautiful things, important things, essential decisions. All of these things lie ahead of you, but you cannot comprehend it. Above all love those close to you. They will stand by you and will stick to the work at hand. No one will be lost. But you yourself must in an even greater degree feel and keep the energy so that decisions achieve the necessary impact.

Every being is born to a very particular realization. It can only be found when it is sought. The demands of the search are twofold: first to have confidence in yourself, and secondly, a clear conception of My role in the Universe. Then the path will be open. But you must also protect this double direction. You have found the way to Me, but not yet the way to yourself. There are still great obstacles within you. To overcome them demands courage and deliberation. These obstacles consist of many small things which all accumulate–small cares, old desires, idiotic thoughts, anxieties. But do not let them trouble you, for under them lies the foundation. As soon as you let yourself fall you will have reached your goal. This can follow at any moment, and the time is ripe for this. To emphasize these things I will seek your weaknesses. Through them you will act quicker than by clarity. Weakness compels you, while clarity only stimulates you. Likewise with the others: their weaknesses, their desires and inclinations must be affirmed and understood. The great work reaches out over the entire Earth; now the beginnings will for the first time become visible. Look at what is happening, everything is an omen and the goal of action. Always try to concentrate on the unity of being, which includes everything that happens to you. My abundance consists of infinite details. But it doesn’t make sense to issue a call for assistance because the path goes from event to event. There is nothing that in the last analysis does not lead to the true path.

All thoughts are right, all actions are useful. Involve yourself in everything, avoid nothing. Then you will learn how seduction becomes energy and how your way changes from unknown motives into a clear direction.

I have spoken enough. You will perceive intuitively if I want to speak. Do not seek the time, but wait for the moment during which it becomes self-evident, just as the desire to eat or the desire to love.