Fourteenth Message


Today is the day when you shall attain clarity: the world has now become the field of work. The facts speak for themselves, all answers are directed to one single thing: that from this time forward each desire will become the driving force of work. That is not only applicable personally, but also publicly to move heaven and earth. The interval of time will not be long, reality is prepared. The most important thing is to clarify thinking so that all actions work together towards a single result.

The inferior being has now freed himself from the chains of the past. Love will become the bearer of your spirit and every person will respond to you. The way is threefold: the first is to apply all preparations so that each can achieve the necessary maturity to co-operate; this is the meaning of effort. The second is to carry the proclamation everywhere, never giving in to difficulties. The third is to place the work on safe and solid ground so that nothing can resist it.

No further problems will arise, all have been cleared up to the extent that they pertain to realization.

Miracles are accessible to everyone. They signify another way to comprehend and treat truth–through love. Pure thought will not lead you to truth. Knowledge only produces an arsenal of weapons, not the paths which penetrate reality. In earlier times this was easier for abilities were not yet atrophied. But atrophied does not mean non-existent.

During the night there is always the chance to gain access to instinctual desires and through them access to the energy they contain. These energies have names and are also responsive; they are not spirits, but potentialities. Ask about their essence and you will find answers. But do not ask at random. Insight cannot be achieved without the urgency of necessity.

The completion of the church has freed room for the old longing, to reestablish the relationship with the energies of nature. The servants of the church will remain of lasting value; their task is to take care of all of those whose path requires the strength of grace. But above and beyond them are the co-workers, who themselves observe and handle the field. It is necessary for them to also obtain existential knowledge. There are four facets: the art of making things visible; obtaining the strength to immediately recognize what is necessary; the fervent wish to relate the world back to its roots; and finally the wonder of love which moves everyone who throws themselves in total consciousness into its current.

Love, desire, an abundance of energy and seeing make up the coordinates of the new person. Whoever realizes themselves through these things–not only in thought, but also in the social realm–will become a pillar of the new chronological order, which henceforth is destined to take the place of the old structure of things. So concern yourself only with these four things. Love and energy are already available to you. The desire has already been kindled, only seeing is still a weak point. See through the world of appearances until you achieve in every moment the same wakefulness that until now you have only been granted four times.