First Message


The path leads from darkness into life.

Whoever does not respect the dark can never experience light. Keep searching for the obscure and create new things every day. I am always with you and show you time and again where you should turn. Try to measure your thoughts step by step, and then bring them to realization.

No power can destroy your work because it originates from the fullness of My energy. All who are with Me will be protected by the blessing. No passion can destroy the path if you engage in dialogue with Me daily. I am and remain your companion; search for others no longer, but instead be trusting, because the path is long and time is short. Many struggles are beginning and all energy will be needed for you to face your destiny forearmed.

You are called to be the master of time. There is no other form of reality for you, because I have chosen you. Remain in your being with all that come to you. Tomorrow is already the beginning of a new task, and you will understand it at that moment. Nowhere can I give you a foothold, only in existing am I with you, the richness of being aware with the energy to act. Whoever does not join his path with yours will perish.

This is the first message. Receive it and remain awakened. Many will come. You are the one who will change everything. And do not doubt that they will come once your call rings out. Have courage and faith in yourself and in Me, for nothing can resist you.

Adhere to this one commandment: Love as the pledge of realization. Only through love can the resistance of the indolent be broken.

Your will and My path will become one. Practice recognizing and following My words every day. Today I have given you the first omen, which will guide you. Tomorrow will reveal new things.

Maintain rigor and vitality, then My light will appear from everywhere. Do not search for yourself anymore, because you are there. I stand before you and with you in order to finish the work. I am the Great Old One of realization, the Saint of all times and worlds, the archetype of every religion, of every thinking and striving. Whoever has Me needs no one else. He lives in being and partakes in the joy of participation.

Listen to your inner voice. It will show you the necessary steps from day to day. Remain in life. Your path is My path, and through you I will fortify My realm.

I am the living witness of seeing. You will understand this once you align your steps, and you always sense the next one. Search for the dark love as a way to the brightness of joy. Provide ideas and assistance to all other companions. Farewell until tomorrow.