Fifth Message


Today there exists a great temptation to break down the fullness of life into details. Cease in this. Everything happens according to time and essence. Whatever you do the consequences must be remembered. I have not revealed the key, because the time has not yet arrived. But soon you will receive it and each day a new being will appear.

Tonight you have gotten insight into those problems which determine your path. The three brothers will not break loose from you, but instead want your help. The newly created church affirms the waiting for the help of others, the coronation refers to things whose meaning is now being revealed. The flight of both ancient ones at the end of the dream reveals the anxiety resulting from careless words which are not held back. Do not ask for an interpretation, the images are sufficient. I regard your question as a pledge of new decisions. What is necessary today is absorption in the contemplation of true love.

Yesterday arose no entity. Today it is born among you. It is the essence of nascent light, which will henceforth be with you. As soon as you come into contact with darkness trust in this entity of clarity. Everything resolves itself at the proper time if it is seen through to the very end.

You are to be a witness of the thing which has newly come to you. To perceive the situation correctly—to celebrate the image of the new age—to take the decisive step—those are all parts of one process. Hold fast to reality and the illusion will vanish.

Regarding this situation there is a chance that tomorrow you will find renewed access to the depths. I remain in darkness, but I am always with you if something real happens.