Fifteenth Message

The new reality is different from the old; it demands the commitment of will, not just aspiration. Do not think that wanting will make everything change of its own accord. Only the beginning has been prepared. Nevertheless the break-through is a success and henceforth it will always be possible to again reach the path. The questions of the past will find new answers through the goals which will daily stream towards you. Remain in your being, as you began to open yourself in response to My call. Later it will be the questions of the others which will compel you to return to the path. It is distinct and exposed, each step leads to the next. You must simply wait and listen, and do not rush by anything. Then the being remains opened and the need for the essential things is even stronger than before.

False voices may surface. You can expose them by thinking of your original direction. Persist in your view, and strengthen it day by day. Attacks will help you to defend yourself. Leave behind unnecessary worries. Things proceed of their own accord once they are correctly laid out. Human life is not any more problematic than that of other creatures. They themselves create their own difficulties in imagination.

Whoever does not yield to the current will remain stuck in sediment. But whoever flows into it need no longer worry. It awakens intuition in everyone, the courage to trust in each step and to realize them together with the others. Openness can be attained again and again. The fog will one day cloak the light. Then there will remain a memory in the darkness of the ray of light, and nothing can snuff it out completely.

The series of messages comes to an end. Now there are other questions before you. The call has been issued and it has been heard. What it has accomplished can only be judged in the future. Only this is certain. No street leads back to the realm of imprisonment. The change remains, even if sometimes it is only a distant shimmer which makes the miseries of the day bearable. So remain in your being, do your duty, and pursue further contact with Me so that your energy becomes strength, which will guide not only you, but also others, into true life.