Eleventh Message


Because of your new direction you have carried out your inner transformation and you are already swimming in the current. It will carry you. Cares and sorrows have been converted into sources of energy. So be open for everything that follows. The path has begun.

Love surrounds everyone who dedicates themselves to it. Procrastinate no longer, await your sign each day. I have led you to new paths, which you will recognize. The Universe consists of a gigantic field of energy in which everything lives, everything exists. The stone of truth is its foundation, the luminous force its continuity. To find fulfillment is the dark wish of each being. This is the fuel for your work.

Respect for all traditions is necessary in order for all currents to join together into one. From day to day this will become clearer, for the longing will become stronger in every person you meet. You have the key now, knowledge must become joyful. Thinking is not only born of fear, but also creates freedom. Old Adam is liberated. Man experiences himself as nature and as the path. Man already knows that and only a little assistance is necessary to remove the last slag.

This is still the beginning. Silly mistakes are not to be neglected, for they are what force you into action. If there were no mistakes civilization would become a clamp that suffocates everything. But this danger is past. The new beginning storms in, and love is expressed in every being. The old foundation endures, the energy is victorious, and the miracle has started.

Why do you continue to reflect on small matters? People are what will carry you. Each constructs his own field around himself which promises fulfillment. It is stronger than their deepest longings, for this arises from their past, not the depths. The desire for true life melts all dross and whoever is a part of this departure will increase his force many times. Things will become possible which you never would have believed possible. You must find the courage, then the work proceeds of its own accord.

Writings are necessary, for only through them does the brightness become truly clear. Every effort should be directed towards clarification and gratification. The kingdom is not created overnight. But from the very beginning its contours are revealed. The whole Earth will be a field which pulses in the rhythm of cosmic time.

Ask for only that which is necessary and sharpen your weapons, your words, until they are like arrows which lightning-fast find the way to their target. Action results from direction and all paths lead to a single place: to the union of all mankind in a single species which henceforth will be the sustainer of evolution on Earth.

It is worth it to proceed intelligently, to define each danger, and either avoid it or render it harmless. The inner efforts of personal change are unimportant in comparison to the task of preserving openness and unifying the path so that whoever feels the desire and has the courage for it, is able to give up their false security forever. So remain on the path and only do what is absolutely necessary from moment to moment, without losing sight of the greater goal. Then every obstacle will fortify your will.