Eighth Message


Wait for the miracle–time continues on. Today I have tried to strengthen you in your abundance in order to finally dissolve the dregs of the past. Attempt to plumb your own foundation and to place yourself within your energy. Everything is revealed and the questions are pressing. None of the lower vices and desires can oppress you now. They will become the pillars of that which is coming. What is reality? It exists in essence and demands the fulfillment of all seeds. Nothingness is the foundation, abundance is the goal, and love is the path. Holding on destroys, leaving generates–the wish brings forth, and laughter redeems–love fortifies, thinking helps and alongside all of the stupid things there appear real miracles.

Do not trouble yourself over your stupidity, it will give way. It is only a part of your existence, not the pillar. The pillar is wakefulness, being open, loving, thinking, seeing, creating and waiting. Have you not yet seen how all things yearn for the one: the essence of wakefulness? Only there is there joy. Joy is wakefulness in love, and sadness is the precondition of joy, not because there exists an antithesis to joy, but because no one can let himself fall deep enough without sorrow.

The path of each being is from sadness to joy, not only in and of itself but also onto others. Holding on to the basic foundation provides the starting point. The true path is always the illumination of darkness, not the dispersion, for this happens from time to time. Whoever tries to anticipate it must fail, because his will remains bound to past intentions. Half truths alone are deadly, otherwise there are no mistakes. Only whole can you meet the All. And so you will bring others to their letting go and to their completion as soon as you free yourself from your sorrows.

Everything that happens today has already been preordained. Your dream of a counterfeit, insignificant perfection leaves the lesser goals behind and prepares for liberation. Wait now for the other impetus, it will come without hesitation. In your darkness there is no hesitation. It knows exactly where your path will lead.

Once again the time of plenitude has appeared. A few words are harnessed and give direction. Whatever you see, do not try to comprehend it by thinking, but experience it as the impetus of your action. The wheel is the foundation of the new time. It has been built and is beginning to truly turn. Time is your sole medium, which no one can disturb. Begin to devise a way in which time shall become subservient to reality in order to make the place of sanctification, the goal of the transformation into being, visible to everyone.

There is no longer a lower, higher or philosophical set of problems. Everything is clear once you jump. Wait no more, but instead be. You are frightened by your new way of seeing. This will pass as soon as your will is connected to the body and no longer loses itself in imagination. And this will happen soon if you keep your eyes open and accept all omens. Stay awake and open, the path will seize you soon. Wait patiently and think only of that which is coming, not on that which is past. It exists no more in the depths.

So follow now your path and take Me with you until our paths meet again.