The Revelation of the Sacred Tree

The Revelation of the Sacred Tree

The Primal Power of the Three.

sacred-tree.jpgFrom the earth come fire and stone. The tree however, comes from the heavens.

It is the Ash Tree of the World; the image of the inverted plant, whose roots are in the sky and whose crown is earthly existence.

Thus the life of the plant comes from the sun and its light. This life is one with the earth.

Man takes his shape from the Ash Tree of the World; his roots are the brain, his blossoms are his sex.

The stone, the air and light are nourishment for the plant.

The crystal grows along lines of force. The awareness of its crystallization is integrated into the whole of the body through reason.

But the light of the sun is allowed to grow according to its own law. New mineral elements are continually added in order to create a ray of sun for the Earth.

Primal Force and Primal Light appear in Fire – the two divine beings – as helpers. You will experience them in others, until you unite them within yourself.

In the Stone you are the standard and the mean.

But in the Plant you will embody your own vision, which continually flows to you from the five higher hierarchies of beings.(1)

Your trunk, your axis, is the legacy of the stone; after death the wood is returned to and consumed by the fire. Your leaves are colored, and can absorb that light. They embody that vision accessible to you on the basis of your colorfulness.

Our blossoms cannot unite with one another unassisted. They need the help of the wind or insects. Flowers are not of the animal species, but are a complicated organism like the bee, and they are in harmony with us.

Only the full-grown organism is capable of reproducing itself and makes possible the incarnation of new creatures on the earth.

The seed is conscious in the world of dreams. It lives a self-contained existence, until the healing water and light stimulate it to develop.

But it can develop only as far as it is able.

And then it is grown, and able to undertake its role in Becoming and Decay.

By feeling you are responding to the plants and their beauty; you perceive both your needs and theirs.

Only those who are embedded in the Earth are able to feel. Clear thinking is the orientation of your own existence and the pre-condition for your growth.

The growth of the tree never exceeds the environment determined by the soil, the climate, and its surroundings.

So is the extent of your own growth dependent on your surroundings – it is not a matter of free choice.

You only have to see to it that you have enough soil and nourishment to be able to work.

Working requires that you have not too much and not too little space.

Whereas the mineral reaches out through the lines of force and through the energy of the fire into the Universe, the feeling of the plant is limited by its ability to develop its unmistakable, living singularity by the light of the sun through elements of the earth.

The seed lies in the earth. The sapling needs careful cultivation. It also need the gardener, who makes sure that its growth continues unhindered.

Aside from perseverance and hard work, a person must also tend to himself, recognize his abilities and not neglect them. He or she must also display the beauty of their blossoms so that others can enjoy them.

By feeling you are connected with the cosmos. Only plants can absorb light. For humankind only feeling can do justice to the direction of growth of the other.

Everyone is beautiful whose attitude expresses the fiery-mineral entity.

People in collective harmony are like fields of potatoes; only the blossoms are complete within themselves. Give thanks to the potato for nourishing you, because through it you survive. But survival is not the object – the object is to function in harmony and in beauty.

The goal of your growth as a plant is to perfect beauty. Then in this form you can be active and encourage others.

You will be born as a plant. Do not take anything away from anyone. Live from the earth, fire and light.

But you as a human being cannot stay forever in this state of innocence. You must join in the battle, so that not only your life, but also your death, can nourish the others. And in your deliberate sacrifice you can envision the transition to the NEW EARTH.