The Revelation of the Sacred Stone

The Revelation of the Sacred Stone

The Primal Power of the Two.

everest.jpgThe Fire speaks from a thousand tongues; the Stone comes from the Mountain, the sustainer of all life.

The spark flickers in the very core of the crystal. Its lines of force must be drawn from awareness of light.

The body creates itself only through the Mountain, and develops until it is perfect.

Whoever is not a Mountain will become sand, metal or salt; he serves others, but has forsaken his fire and will be consumed.

You are afraid of falling; but you can fall no further than the bottom.

The love of the fire is burning and light; the love of the stone is the bond to the earth and the endurance of space.

Fire creates time. Love requires the perception of rhythm.

Mountains create space, they define and maintain the center.

The eternal core of fire is in the enduring crystal.

Fire and crystal are gained by working on yourself, by experiencing each happening – as fuel, as a mold or the opportunity to create a mold.

The eight lines radiate out from the limits of the body. They embrace the entire world. The lines of force support the others.

Metal and salt conduct the current, but it must originate from the purity of the stone.

All minerals are pure and belong to the ten alignments of the elements.

Your work will only be beneficial if you choose the role of the stone.

Not understanding this will make you sick; as long as you do not perceive that your heaviness, your weight, encourages the others and is not a burden.

You can only find the stone – the coal of life which purifies the body of the diamond – within yourself if you see gravity as a help, as a weight.

Say yes to your gravity, for sorrow is flawless / pure. It produces the gem.

Every mountain, every stone aspires to be a jewel.

After all, the great mountains which shelter you and are home to the gods, bring the individual crystals into being by which you can see how you yourself shine through.

Respect every jewel. However, do not take one that doesn’t want to be in your possession.

Ask the gems what they would like to tell you. Many are no longer themselves, having lost their fire.

Others still have the power of orientation, like the KAABA in Mecca. It determines which direction is East, and as a result provides orientation to all people who respect the stone and the Old Man of the Mountain.

The Old Man of the Mountain is the Great Holy Wise Man, who shows you the way. He takes care that no one lays waste to the beauty of the mountain. He also sees to it that your movements and your essence are in equilibrium with the center.

The Old Man of the Mountain enables you to consider your motivations; to know what must be the guiding lines of your growth and how they extend out from your body and form a sphere of action.

The Old Man of the Mountain suffers for each being who has not realized his stone.

The STONE says: do not meddle with things which do not belong to me.

BEING is the Holy Stone of Wisdom.

The WHO is its center.

By delving down into the center of your being, you will feel no more anxiety. You are at the core of your descent.

As long as you do not possess the stone, your thoughts are either metallic or salty, expanding or harmonizing, but you are not part of them.

The other entities are indifferent to this, but the Old Man of the Mountain suffers.

Stones build houses.

You are helped and influenced by metals. They also transmit strength. The salt of the sea is the source of all life.

You must become heavy stone – stone which carries its locality within it, and always stays in its own place.

So embed yourself, find your center and recognize your bond with things in the center of the universe; only then can distinction and communion lead the divine dance. And no one will be left out.

Carry a gem with you which reveals the path to your color or your core through it’s metallic elements.

Never wear jewelry that has no meaning for you, even if its function is limited to the enhancement of certain traits of your being.

Just like the mountain clothes itself with the trees that take root in it, you should consider your clothes as a way to connect with other beings, who are delighted by the constantly renewed diversity, because each time another connection between you is awakened.

All of the bodies of the universe are interrelated, and in the core of their being the dance of the spirits unfolds.

The love of the fire occurs between bodies, and in the end all bodies are a part of the stone and the mountain.

The Vision of your Mountain shows you where you stand in relation to it and with it. It is unique. The mountain is not a nature spirit like the trolls, who are the helpers of the mountain. It enables you to preserve tranquility within yourself, and to feel everything. This tranquility, but also other things, will open up the path to the fiery core of your being.

All of the Earth speaks of the mountain, so do not disturb the Earth’s lines of force. Your house of stone is also an orientation. And there where you create a connection between heaven and earth in your sanctuary across their axis, you can return again and again to locate your center through all of the residue and impediments, and experience it.

Wherever there is a holy spot of earth, wherever people come together at a circle of stone, they will find courage and faith in themselves again, and achieve a state of rest, with which their growth can begin.