The Revelation of the Sacred Spirits

The Revelation of the Sacred Spirits

The Primal Power of the Seven

spirit.jpgWe are the preservers of the world, over FIRE and WATER, EARTH and AIR.

We see to it that everything remains in equilibrium.

The acts of the spirits are wondrous. All of the spirits are joined in the dance. They help unobserved, just like the fairy tales faint-heartedly describe.

All of the fairy tales show our influence. And your own fairy tale is one of them.

The fairy tale reveals the fountain of eternal youth, although dwarfs and trolls appear to be ancient, and the elves and fairies so young.

Old age and youth signify preview and retrospect. Sometimes a preview is necessary, then a retrospect: reflection on those impulses which have not yet had an effect.

Courage comes when you trust in the Elements.

Always know who guides you at that moment.

THE EARTH TROLL reveals in his melancholy how you can lighten your lot by the attentive observation of the conditions around you. Whenever you feel sad begin a work of the earth.

THE DWARF OF THE AIR points out the next practical invention. Whenever something upsets you, think and wait until the air reveals the solution to you in your own thoughts.

THE FAIRY OF THE WATER grants you one extravagant wish. Whenever you suffer from illness or excess, flow with the water to serenity. It knows that nothing is as bad as it seems.

THE ELVES OF THE FIRE allow you dance in joy, and experience union with them in this delight. Whenever you feel mired in boredom, then ignite the inner fire that reveals the dance to you with new intensity.

This dance is throughout the entire universe. You can never lose your way if you respect us, and know that your being can only act with our help.

One of us is especially close to you, because you can only act in the name of one of the four.

If you wander the earth the TROLL is at your side. In the civilization of languages it is the DWARF; in the awakening to individuality it is the FAIRY: and it is the ELVES who lead you to celebration and joy.

He is master who can summon the spirits whenever he needs them.

But you will never be able to summon us to a work that is directed against humankind. In this you serve the dead, and we have no part of it.

Decay is likewise a systematic process. It is an involution going down to the elements.

Wise are those who do not complete this process of decay in the real world, but instead in the dream’s impulses so that they do not harm themselves.

In dreams everything is possible.

The active imagination must also be continually led back to our influence. Names and methods play no role in this.

No one can identify with any of us, but sometimes you are our guest in your dreams. If you wish to learn, then we will help you. We are not compassionate, because only the courageous find their way to us.

The Muses inspire, the Angel guides. The Spirits help the moment their assistance is wanted. They reveal the point of juncture at which the transformation can take place.