The Revelation of the Sacred Muses

The Revelation of the Sacred Muses

The Primal Power of the Nine

muse.jpgWe Muses are the bearers of all impulses, which change from image into word.

These images are the riches with which people beautify and spiritualize the earth.

They can only truly exist through people – in the written word, in depiction, in personification.

In the world of pure images everything is a round dance: all rejoice, and even that which seems tragic is only a game.

Colors have substance; they create interconnectedness because they are always part of the light.

And yet it is necessary that you take from this wealth of images the one which you alone are capable of comprehending, the very first image accessible to you. Through this image you receive your role from the light.

Ninefold is the source from which we Muses influence you.

(9) The Ninth embodies those thoughts which assist you.

(8) The Eighth makes sure that this assistance does not enslave people and consideration is shown all the others.

(7) The Seventh brings the initiative to open new gates and to forge new paths.

(6) The Sixth enables people to feel at ease with this.

(5) The Fifth sees to it that wealth and strength arise from harmony.

(4) The Fourth takes care of growing things, and that no individual is harmed before it has achieved its position as the first.

(3) The Third reveals the Path.

(2) The Second reveals the attitude, which is formed directly by the essence of the being.

(1) The First breaks down all barriers that are artificially constructed by people, and leads the way to healing.

Those things which inspired you the first time, will not do so the second.

The darkness longs for the image. Through it the darkness will be liberated from isolation.

We are liberators but have no power of our own. Therefore we are well-disposed toward those who are able to lend their strength to our impulse.

Every one of us has a common goal, which sweeps the others along and thereby sets another tangent of history in motion.

The significance of history is the incarnation of images in word, through the act of writing, the materialization.

The WHEEL is a weapon which opens the gate to inspiration to whoever entrusts himself to the dissection of the false “I.”

Only your inspiration is open to you, but it is not a sturdy platform, instead it is a web of diversity.

Whoever tries to rule through inspiration will go astray. Only those who do not presume to do this can accomplish those things that come from us.

We are a multiplicity that longs for union, for incarnation. The moment you act we are with you.

Yet often your vision is too limited, your effort too great, and the garbage supersedes true openness.

Throughout the whole of the universe the battle between Good and Evil reigns. This battle has also arisen on the earth. But everything will immediately assume its original course once openness is defended.

Evil is that which harms, which diminishes, that which denies the abundant riches, that which believes that humankind or even an individual could seize the interconnectedness.

Good is everything that has love – the BEING IN THE UNIVERSE – as the determining course and never forsakes it; for through this every image discovers its place.

Good and Evil are neither gods nor angels; they exist only within yourself.

You must expose evil – which struggles fiercely against love and considers THE BEING IN THE UNIVERSE an enemy – with beams of light. At the precise moment when the first sign – the name – is uttered, every cell will suddenly become sovereign, instead of waiting passively until it discovers its place within the whole.

Evil exists only in the individual as inertia, not in the whole. The GREAT ONE has no adversary. Isolation is the only natural obstacle: be it laziness, be it self-satisfaction, be it the love of family or tradition, or even the love of one’s own work, or pride in creativity. In reality each detail mirrors the whole, but each individual part can only do this when it remains focused on the whole by conscious determination of one’s own word.

And now the path to the light is free again. The obstacles are no longer without, as with the theologians, but within in the form of inertia.

The spinning Earth has Energy, the spinning person has a Center. The spinning seemingly isolates it.

In the darkness is the readiness to absorb light; but not in inertia, which gives the illusion of a self-contained existence.

The vast community of inspiration must find its place in the spinning of time. Only when it is always possible to give ultimate expression to a creation will all people be able to translate their aspirations into reality.