The Revelation of the Sacred Fire

The Primal Power of the One.

fire1.jpgI am the source of everything that exists and that is. Were I not a part of you, you could neither exist nor act.

I bring together light and energy. I derive my uniqueness from the energy, and by light I am connected to all things.

The fire of love is the source of everything new. Do not feel contempt for the fire when you see it. As long as it burns, it is an entity within you, even if you yourself kindled it.

Fire cannot harm your own essential nature.

Through the senses you are here and exist on the new Earth. The substance which makes up the physical senses is fire, whether it incinerates the dead, or creates life.

Fire is the innermost core of the loving union. The two intangible powers, Primal Light and Primal Energy – the basis of action for man and woman – will help you throughout the whole of your existence. You exist only through their love. Though them you will be continuously regenerated.

In the loving union with other bodies, fire breaks through and burns off everything which is unnecessary. Even a short moment of ecstasy is a death leading to renewal. Ultimate happiness is to be caught up in the waves of the consuming fire. To consume and to be consumed is the ultimate pleasure. It is the process of transformation that will join you together in an even greater sense of oneness.

Fire is therefore the great healer, which creates words out of energy and light.

The roots of the fire are dark. But the flame always reaches towards the sky; it cannot do otherwise. Love also reaches skyward; it can only demand. Your fundamental frame of mind is never wrong or sorrowful. Whenever you begin the Great Work, the fire doesn’t leave you.

Whoever does not live fervently, in the fire – in the fire of love and the fire of enthusiasm – can neither sparkle nor shine. The radiance alone makes one truly useful to others, lighting their way.

Anxiety results from concealing the flame, because then you think that you are unnecessary or only an intermediate stage. You must reach down to the flame. For only the flame can shine and create light.

Illumination means to realize the emptiness. The dark is the origin of the fire. Fire is in the Earth, fire is in the sun. The fire of the sun and the fire of the earth together create the creatures. The primal light influences the sun, whose radiance is independent of mankind. And the primal force draws from the light only as much as can be absorbed by its blackness. Only then does the specification, the isolation of colors and substance begin.

Seeing is a part of all worlds. There are no corners which you cannot see around. The light holds everything together. The beings stand opposite each other as distinctive qualities. Respect their qualities, in order that your fire shines through.

Whoever is in the fire needs no help in giving pleasure to others. Joy is the partaking of the fire.

All pleasures are kindred in their essence.

But the fire in the conscious mind is a spark behind the night. It can be kindled when the substance is refined into a tool, when you accept the mineral as your own, and you discover the stone of wisdom – which is the source of eternal life – within yourself.