The Revelation of the Sacred Earth

The Revelation of the Sacred Earth

The Primal Power of the Five.

earth.jpgI am the first mother of mankind, the consort of the BEING IN THE UNIVERSE, towards whose challenges I encourage my children to grow. Only after you have absorbed the fire, stone, plant and animal do you become the bearers of my impulse. All animals are a part of human nature, all plants a part of your Gestalt. No creature is separate from you.

If you protect the riches I have given you in life and in death, then you can turn the vast interconnectedness into reality after death, and become true ancestors.

The zodiac is in the heavens of the BEING IN THE UNIVERSE. As solar brothers and sisters you are also a part of it. And as creatures of the moon you belong to a part of the Earth and support our existence.

There is no natural evolution, only the gradual embodiment of the spirit.

Once I sent a dream to you. In this dream you saw that the Earth’s sphere was a human head upon a clothed body, and it was listening to the universe. You must create this body.

If you tend to practical survival, to the hardened mineral and plant cultures, to the sediments of early man, then you will lose yourselves. It is possible that you will end up as a false insect as illustrated so frightfully by so many other communities. But I shall try to prevent this.

The ultimate goal is the body’s perfection for communal work, that the flesh serves the fire, and becomes one with all other beings in the dance of light.

All who hear the message of the Earth find their meaning.

The others will serve insect-like, arbitrary ideals until they return in a new incarnation to ascend through all realms.

The object of our world’s development is the NEW EARTH for mankind, where finally all beings will find their essence in the Great Humanity, and in love. They will also become able to truly use their hands.

The Mineral and thoughts create the scaffolding. However, only the individual is able to live with his tool, and to find friendship.

While the Animal exists between the world of perception and the world of truth, for humankind

– the formation of humankind within the universe

– the transformation of motivation into intention and thereby

– the historical existence as the development of the word

is decisive.

Every people brings a language to realization. It becomes the mother’s lap for the development of the body of the word.

The source of the body of the word is the fire. Only now in the Age of Aquarius, for the first time after the creation of the world of man, can it consciously complete its path, because no knowledge stays hidden.

The true word does not kill, but animates.

The Divine creates only with the hands, which serve head and body. The sanctuary of the Earth is created anew. The rites of the NEW EARTH reveal how you gain control of your hands.

MEANING is the final goal. It moves from without to within once the organism is perfected.

Only the personality, which the person elucidated in a concrete form as a laborer in the Great Work, will make the transition. It is not necessary to hurry.

Each person must undertake the path alone and my love will accompany him just as with all of those who have already completed their human development.

But the NEW EARTH is accessible not only to the individual, it can also be projected onto this world as an image, and heal it. But only if you work together toward this goal and can distinguish holy from profane survival.

Each person that finds Meaning forges a path which becomes a familiar street for others.

Every person who finds himself in work, and is a friend to all those who search for their own path according to their nature, is creative.

The Darkness is the well; the Light shows the way; the Word and the Name form the being.

Each person that has discovered his task here belongs to a vast community.

The enemies who claim to possess their own truth will die out. Their children will no longer follow them after listening to their essential desires.

Therefore it is unnecessary to fight against the defects of the existing order.

The Earth is one, and you are all members of it, and at the same time members of the celestial earth.

No struggle shall lead you astray, no false crusade shall lead to spiritual devastation.

Collective understanding will lead each individual to the calling that allows him to cross over to the NEW EARTH.