The Revelation of the Sacred Animal

The Revelation of the Sacred Animal

The Primal Power of the Four

dolphinjump.jpgThe essence of the plant is in the dream. It changes from seed to Gestalt.

We are in a continual state of becoming and disappearing. We welcome death, because in consumption and being consumed the metabolism of the cosmos is perpetrated.

Every animal that dies arrives at a higher state of consciousness when it is consumed by creatures who know how to appreciate the animal’s sacrifice.

The plant is vertical. Between the root and the crown of leaves is the stem, with which the earth’s axis is continued as an axis of light.

The animal is horizontal, mobile. It brings you joy in the diversity of adventure.

Our death is nourishment for others. Our being is the great soul of our species, which we never lose. Selfishness is unknown to us, because we are always in harmony.

So learn from us bonding and freedom, the joy of battle, of the hunt, of community and its games.

Every person was an animal in a previous life. It’s spirit helps you in every crisis, but only once you have acknowledged it and asked for its assistance.

Which animal spirit is yours?

Through us you can see how you can direct your impulses upon the whole.

The primal image of human society in all of its forms is in the animals.

The insects are not one of us. Their focal point is mineral. They form the bridge to the world of plants, which they serve. There they have their stronghold from which they swarm.

We have our place in the group and in our territory. We must fight in order to protect it, because our kind of strength comes from the fire.

In fear and watchfulness, in the search for food, dominating behavior, in battle, and in the pleasure of love games you are one of us.

You remain one with us until you give in to your death. People who fear death, who do not welcome joyfully the consumption of others – those who are not prepared to sacrifice themselves on their appointed day, and to experience death as a transition – will never be able translate their Animalness into reality. Because of their fear of pain they strive to become plants: but at most they succeed in becoming false orchids, and to exist at the expense of others.

Many things are untrue on the face of the earth because we are no longer understood. But the wisdom of the animals will return.

Human thinking is mineral, and is concentrated on tools. Our thinking is strategic. The measure of our strength is commensurate to this till the end of our existence, when we once again join the great hunting party. There we will experience happiness in the community of our tribe.

You must get to know us so that you do not misinterpret yourselves as insects or common plants.

Plants help you to shape yourselves, we help you to prove yourselves.

Death must always be visualized, for the impulses of your dreams are not only seeds like those of the plants, they also require conflict by which each person discovers and defends his power.

As teachers you are plantlike, as doers you are animal-like.

Every animal has its own role in the world. Only when your society comprehends that fact, only when you retain your animalness, will your battle remain within the boundaries of Nature.

Today however, the danger of false transplantation – the overestimation of culture – threatens to destroy us all.

That is why we beg of you: be conscious of your animalness.

We have come to you as teachers. Without us you have no heart, no will. Without us you will never be able to understand how to assert yourself, how to feel the abundance of strength in joy while still upholding the code of chivalry, or how to stay alert and act in times of community emergency.

The mineral thinking, the plantlike feeling are preconditions of the animal will, but they could never replace it.

Whoever does not accept the animal within can never become a human being.

We are at this moment your elder brothers.

If you destroy a species your descendants will not be able to reach maturity, because we will no longer be able to teach them.

Only a few still know this truth. However, this knowledge will soon return, and we will once again perform our duties, enter into you and then ascend the steps of human development with you.