The Revelation of the Sacred Angels

The Revelation of the Sacred Angels

The Primal Power of the Eight

angel.jpgThe Angels influence the world from eight directions, and they are approachable from any one of them.

These spatial directions become windows:

(E) The Angel of the east window reveals the next step, the guiding vision.

(W) The Angel of the west window takes away the fear of death, and gives the strength to be ultimately responsible for one’s self.

(S) The Angel of the south window grants confidence and freedom from care.

(N) The Angel of the north window finds your personal darkness time and again, so that light is absorbed and you act with wisdom.

(SE) The Angel of the southeast window shows who you can establish contact with, which threads of the past need to be pursued.

(SW) The Angel of the southwest window brings you prosperity, and allows you to dare the impossible, whereby a new image becomes reality.

(NW) The Angel of the northwest window sees to it that no person on the face of earth, or any other living creature, is neglected.

(NE) The Angel of the northeast window reveals personal participation in the task, and lets you understand how your own drives can be useful to others.

(C) The Angel in the Center bears the countenance of the BEING IN THE UNIVERSE, and all Angels are devoted to him.

Each work originates from the core of this UNITING ONE.

Whoever acknowledges that the Angels always deliver the message which pertains to the Angel’s direction, and understands their own name as representative of the vast humanity, will have a community formed around them which helps them to bear all burdens, and never lose hope.

The Name, which you have received from the BEING IN THE UNIVERSE by way of the earth, is a message revealing how you can discover your role in the communal endeavor.

The illusion that you can do it yourself, pave your own way, disappears the first time you experience how you have always been guided.

Every question leads to further answers. These form a platform from which you become cognizant of the next step.

We are always there to help anyone who seeks us. It is necessary to believe that the PATH truly exists in moving on, not in perseverance. It also does not exist in the illusion of playing an essential role for others and being emulated.

The Circle of Life centers on fulfillment. This fulfillment is a rebirth, not a hierarchy.

We are simply another aspect of the whole.

Aspiration is only beneficial when it comes from your own motivations. But do not ignore the needs of others, instead always respect them.

There is no wrong path in the Universe. It exists only on the Earth, when the agents of the dark powers are accepted as leaders.

Every impulse has a place and time for development. This will come in the proper succession. It is imperative not to hurry them.

The Angels grant wishes of being.

They appear in the mythology of the Muses, however they become effective in your intentions. These intentions can be revealed through others’ inspiration, but they are a part of your personal path.