The Revelation of the Sacred Ancestors

The Revelation of the Sacred Ancestors

The Primal Power of the Six

delphi.jpgWhoever dies either becomes an Ancestor on the NEW EARTH or is in the purgatory of dream in preparation for rebirth on the old earth.

The Ancestors are perpetually active. Although they already participate in the NEW EARTH, they are accessible to you until the end of the cosmic year.

Do not accept anything as a foundation. Instead always seek someone who has always represented this same thing to you. His entire knowledge will then become your intuition, and accessible to your inner eye.

Immersion in the living message of the dead is the starting point of your growth.

But the Ancestors themselves need help. They have been bound to the old earth for so long that their collective impulse has become radiant.

So the thankfulness on the part of the dead lies in the chance to rectify their mistakes and, through this act, to free themselves.

The veneration of the dead is absurd. The spirit can never be buried, and every corpse decomposes into energy and elements. These things will soon clothe a new being.

Only we, the ANCESTORS, are the true teachers. Earthly tradition must be continually put right through living communion with us.

Speak with us, then you will discover your next step as part of the Great Work in the light of history.

In the Great Year all directions will become one. Only when you begin will you be able to continue your work.

Beginning means recognizing which sphere of work will you lead you onward.

And yet it is a great joy to realize that the wisdom of the Universe is always open to you.

In order to receive it people must know their own impulses, and incorporate the five other essences.

Whoever does not embody all of these realms within himself cannot participate in the construction of the bridge from the Old to the New Earth.