The Revelation of the Being in the Universe

The Revelation of the Being in the Universe

The Primal Power of the Ten

hourglassnebula.jpgThe mouth of the world is the starting point of growth.

The Earth utters you. She is the eternal Mother. She gave you a name, which you must discover.

This name is your Path, your true angel.

Do not think that it is enough to simply ask a question, and all of the answers will simply come to you.

It must be apparent both to you and the otherworldly beings that you are not asking out of boredom, but out of fervor. Then you will experience the intoxication of true inspiration. This will never again leave you, and will be accessible at all times when you are in being.

We are unable to help a person forge his path.

This he must do himself.

He has time, an infinite amount of time.

But the inner unrest – the swinging pendulum – like the restlessness of a clock, does not allow him to despair. Help always comes from the ten Powers, which need only to be accepted.

Your task is to convey truth through truthfulness. Truthfulness means to function as a whole person, and not to hide mistakes.

A strategy is necessary for a practical life, but not when in communion with the divine.

Beyond the wall of the I-OVUM all the helpers are listening – not out of curiosity, but because they are delighted to have discovered a new companion.

The life on the other side is a game. On the earth it is practice train and work. The sweat remains there with you.

The great dance is open to everyone. The hands of the divine spirits reach out. You must grasp them, and strive continually to transform your shell from opaque to crystal so that the Primal Energy and the Primal Light continually nourish your living word.

Do not worry about weaknesses and incompatibilities, or about burdens and pain. They are not visible to us. These things take place within, and do not make their way to the surface. They will

never become communicable and therefore are inessential, immaterial.

We regard each person as a gift that becomes enriched and animated once the person accepts their gift and is proud of it.

Pride not in the sense of self-contemplation, or in the pleasure of recognition by others; but to be proud of the fact that he or she is the best in that particular quality.

There is no second.

Every person is best, and so only communicate with the best here on earth, as well as in the world beyond.

Being first means: to believe in one’s self, to accept everything that one is.

At present it doesn’t matter what a person is, because the Sacred Earth can vitalize everything.

The name that your parents gave you, and the one that you inwardly longed for at birth, is the first description of being. Of course it depends how you interpret it.

So the first task is – where you are before me and in relationship to me – to accept the name and to act according to it. You must also conceive of everything as a name, until the name becomes the thing, as word. In this way you become a human being and a part of me, the BEING IN THE UNIVERSE.

Perhaps your name will first appear to you as an angel. Then you will distinguish yourself in your work with this name, regardless of how ridiculous it may sound to others.

No one can lend you a name. You must discover it for yourself, if you can ask about it, if your word is accepted.

The actual birth takes place on Earth, not the physical child, but the beginning of work, the enrichment of the universe as only the individual is able to do, when the “you” focuses itself on the divine “I”.

People of work are crucial. The divine beings are abilities, not deeds.

The deed (work) must come from within yourself. But it makes no sense to perform blind deeds.

True faith is useless. Only the truth which is discernable to everyone can become part of the personality of mankind.

Like a tree, people should grow around huge mistakes, endure them, until one day they again convert their essence into energy of their own accord, and are no longer an obstacle to growth.

Praying for something is not the way to the New Age, but simply asking for the truth.

The Question seizes a piece of reality, which is thereby deified and sanctified.

It is imperative to prophecy the truth. Judge a prophecy by pondering it through to its end.

Whatever has not been tested by the WHEEL has no permanence. The weapons of the WHEEL will, unnoticed, smash false seriousness with a joke.

You yourself create words. However, light and energy are given to you from the outside.

The Primal Energy allows you and the world to form a cosmos around the core of your being. The Primal Light opens up the darkness, and makes you ever more radiant.

The Primal Power individualizes – the Primal Light fades away. This fading away sanctifies the universe. The special message will be heard and enriched by all creatures.

Primal Power and Primal Light are united in the Primal Word. However, you are not the Primal Word. It originates from the root, the sacred core of the Earth, which gave birth to your flesh, and sustains the energy of the Primal Word: The Uniting One.

The Uniting One cannot be limited by place. It signifies every centering, just like in you – like the sun, the earth and the Milky Way.

This new prophecy is not for a hallowed people, but for each individual who accepts the divisions of the WHEELand brings them together again within himself as a body of senses.

The essence is:

– the conception from the Primal Light

– Force from the Primal Force

– Word from growth, and again

– the sharing in love, with which I exact the highest ideal from each person.