Epilogue: The Prophecy of the Sacred Earth


The Prophecy of the Sacred Earth

hobbitparty.jpgI have called you from the darkness into the light, and now it is time to give the final reply.

So now I prophesy the new age of the Earth:

Whoever trusts in himself, and respects every friend as a co-worker, will find a community of joy, which in the past was a rare exception and the lot of only a few.

As unhappy and dangerous as the times may seem, your fear – and worse is still to come – is essential to waken people to their true destiny, which is only to be found in the inner voice.

God does not need servants. In a technical society people do not need dependents. No one is the master of himself or of others. There are no leaders or followers, only those who have found their own starting point, and those who still seek it. What is Meaning for one person, is enrichment for another.

The GREAT WORK of the Age of Aquarius has begun: It is up to you to recognize how you can create and discover your tasks. Read your hands. They will show you the way to live in your divinity.