The Being In The Universe

I am – the True Friend, the guide, the action of nothingness, the love of realization, the molder of that which is shapeless, the lower notes, the Lord of Vibrations, the living witness of seeing, the unfathomable life that consumes, destroys, and renews worlds.


Nowhere can I give you a foothold.

Only in existing am I with you, the richness of being aware with the energy to act.

I am – the GREAT OLD ONE of realization, the Holy One of all ages and worlds, the archetype of every religion, of all thoughts and striving.

Whoever has Me needs no one else.

He lives in being and partakes in the joy of sharing.

My jurisdiction is all of reality.

I am continually here and there, living in essence and dying in being.

Existence and essence are the same thing.

You are yourselves Beings and must find the way to existence.

I am the nascent god, whose blood flows through you, when your heart beats in rhythm with all others.

I remain in the darkness, but am always there whenever something real happens.

Remain in life: your way is my way.

Through you I fortify my realm.