The essential experience is and remains love.

It can’t be induced by sensorial perception because in order for it to penetrate inwardly and emanate outwardly one must be ready for it.

Love is the medium of life to be attained, to feel at home with it and through it to examine and govern all phenomena.

Whoever opens himself up to the river of love loses his home: he exists in the Universe.

Sadness and darkness are no less powerful than laughter and jesting.

But in the river man is truly man, he is the master of himself, speaking with things without harming their sacred quality.

Wait for the fulfillment of pleasure.

This expectation alone produces this openness whereby love flows through all four gates and your center of being is included in the divine circular dance of happiness.

Love reaches from the body to the last star, it is a bond which endures.

One can never forsake love.

Love is omnipresent, it is all consuming, it is all knowing.

When there is a lack of awareness, love is destroyed.

Love requires your complete participation.

L O V E is fullness in equilibrium, letting go, always forgiving, giving, never confining, being aware, valuing that which is real once the dross has been burned away.

Love conquers.

It creates beautiful things, it is truthful, it exists in harmony with all beings, it protects and preserves values from alienation, it seeks nothing, yet finds all.

Seek the dark love as the path to joy and light.

Love means to accept the way things appear and let live.

Love comes from the fullness of being.

It is neither spiritual nor holy.

It is God’s gift to reality.

Remain true to this one command: love as a pledge of reality.

The opposition of the lazy can only be broken with love.

Love doesn’t mean grace any longer.

It means being a part of the primal vibration of the universe.

It is not something that you do, rather something that flows through you.

You can’t cultivate love.

Love cultivates you, once you open yourself up to it.

It surrounds everything; without love there is no motion.