Meditation of the HyperCube

Hyper3.GIFSit comfortably on the floor in an erect position. Take your time and visually build a Hypercube all around you. Imagine the corners with three, four, five and six in front of you, and with one, two, seven and zero behind you. (Cubes have eight corner points; four below and four above.) You are sitting right in the middle and your heart is in the center of the cube, the point where all four diagonals intersect (shown in white circle above).

Focus you attention on the center, the inner Self. Then visualize the 0 point – Awareness behind and to the right going up. Then go there mentally while inhaling very slowly. When exhaling draw a diagonal through your center to 4 – Willing in front of you to the left going down. Repeat this a few times if necessary. Inhale going out to the zero point, exhale going down through the center to the 4 point.

Then return to your center and simultaneously expand to the two points (0-4) at once – inhaling your breath while you do this, then exhale and come back to the center. Do it a second time. The third time, if you wish, you can pierce through the Will-point into the Earth and through the Awareness point towards the infinite. Then follow the same process with 7 – 3, 6 – 2, 5 – 1. End by remaining in your center, in your Whole Self which includes all numerals and the Zero Awareness.