Meaning of the Universe

A Fractal Theory of the Origin and Meaning of the Universe.

galaxy.jpgAll of reality, from the smallest microcosmic sub-atomic particle, to the largest galactic cluster, seems to follow the same basic fractal structures – structures based on number and dimensions. Looking at the big picture of nature, we see an evolution of consciousness, from small systems or entities of consciousness, to progressively larger and more complex consciousness. There seems to be a basic drive which compels all conscious entities on an upward spiral of ever expanding consciousness, and coherent intelligence. We all seem to have an innate need to evolve to ever more expansive and integrated fields of consciousness, to ever larger coherent databases of processed information. Conscious beings are like fractals evolving to ever greater scales of magnitude. Along the way we follow the same basic patterns, but at each stage there are some unique variations. This variety adds spice to life, spice which can easily lead to confusing chaos, to an over load of data, if you do not know the underlying patterns, the basic laws. But if you know what to look for, the key fractal structures, you can look beyond the millions of trees and start to see the forest, the unity behind the great diversity of nature.

Looking at the big picture you can see how evolution follows in a general way the eight basic structures inherent in all conscious fractals: the three realms and the four functions, plus awareness. In Nature this takes the form of the three scales of the cosmos (the microcosmos, mesocosmos and macrocosmos) and the five dimensions (awareness underneath consciousness is the zero dimension, plus the first, second, third and fourth dimension).


           ENERGY         INFORMATION    MASS      

           SPACE          NUMBER         TIME


0 Quanta God Universe

1 Photon Man Galaxy

2 Electron Animal Sun

3 Atom Plant Earth

4 Molecule Mineral Moon

Try and understand this over all concept of evolution by first considering the left column, then the right column, and only then the middle column. The left column is spatial, the right column is temporal. Both go downwards as the descending rays of creation. The middle is the ascending ray of negentropy.

The left spatial ray of creation shows the involution of diminishing energy on a microcosmic scale controlled primarily by electromagnetism. Energy becomes more involved with matter and self organizes itself into ever larger and more constricted systems. Going from the zero to the fourth dimension energy becomes more symmetrical, diminished and predictable taking on the characteristics of solid matter. The microcosmic world is unfathomably small, and is only visible to Man with microscopes, if at all.

The right temporal ray of creation goes down showing the dependency and interconnectedness of matter controlled primarily by gravity. The macrocosm pertains to size scales much larger than Man. The middle mesocosmic column goes up as the counterpointal ascending ray to the microcosm and macrocosm. It shows the evolution of life forms of increasing complexity of Self Organization and decreasing symmetry. It pertains to information, number and the word. The mesocosm is the size scale of the world of Man.

The quantum of action which begins the left spatial column has infinite potentiality and energy, but no extension. (Yes, I know there is no “particle” named quanta!) The first full step in the involution of energy into form is the Photon which has about a billion electron volts of energy. It can travel in any direction, which can never be predicted, but it is submitted to the velocity of light, 186,000 miles per second. There is only one kind of Photon; it has unit spin and no charge.

Next are the Electrons, which come in pairs with opposite spin, and the other nuclear particles. While the exact position of an electron can never be predicted, even when it is trapped in an atom, its directions of travel are constricted by the shells of the atoms and by relations between the nuclear particles. The nuclear particles have half-spin and are charged either positively, negatively or neutral. The nuclear particles have more symmetry and less freedom than the Photon.

The next step in the scale is the atom; it has a nucleus and seven shells. The fractal recursion with the seven states of consciousness and awareness is obvious. The hydrogen atom has about 10 electron volts of energy. There are around a hundred kinds of atoms with various kinds of chemical properties. Again the atoms have more symmetry and less freedom than the nuclear particles.

The final step in involution is the molecule which on an average has about 1/25th of an electron volt of energy and comes in three forms: metal, salt and crystal. It has total symmetry but comes in countless variety with many kinds of properties.

The molecular level is where the direction turns and life originates and begins an evolutionary trek backwards to less and less symmetry and more freedom. But where did all of the energy come from in the first place to begin the process of matter and then life?

Current scientific understanding of the origin of the material Universe in time is called the “Big Bang” theory. It is the creation story of the “Myth of Science,” the dominant belief system of modern culture. The Big Bang cosmology is remarkably similar to the ancient Hindu origin myth known as the “Breath of Brahman.” Under the Big Bang theory the current space-time Universe was created in a unfathomably large explosion which occurred about 15 billion years ago. At the moment of origin all of the Universe, all matter and energy, existed together in total order and symmetry, called by scientists the “Great Singularity.” Then the Universe exploded in the Big Bang, or exhalation of the breath of Brahman, and all started moving away from each other as the directions and time began. The Great Singularity began to break up. Space and the different elements began to be formed. With this first breath a countervailing rhythm of arithmetic expansion and geometric contraction began.

We are still in the early stages of the expansion of the Universe where all Galaxies are receding from each other at the speed of light. This is the exhalation of Brahman. Expansion occurs as arithmetical electromagnetic growth. At the same time the force of contraction grows with the geometrical growth of gravitation.

Under one theory the expansion of matter and energy away from the center explosion point is preceded by black spheres. Where they meet, the Galaxies originate fractally. Billions of galaxies have been and will continue to be formed as the Universe expands. Within each galaxy billions of stars then form. In one such galactic arm, the Milky Way, our star the Sun is located. Around the stars planets are then formed and orbit the star. At this time it is not known whether all stars have planets, or only some, but it is known that many planets circulate around our star. The third planet from the Sun is our Earth. Most of the planets in turn have their own smaller bodies, or moons, which circulate around them. We have a single Moon which revolves around the Earth. This macrocosmic expansion process takes trillions of years, as billions of galaxies, stars, planets and moons are formed.

Eventually the force of gravitational contraction will equal that of electromagnetic expansion, the maximum size of the Universe will be reached, and the creative process wherein new galaxies, stars, planets and moons are formed will finally come to an end. The equilibrium point is the pause between the exhalation and inhalation of the Cosmic Breath. After that the geometric force will begin to exceed the arithmetical, the direction will reverse, and the Universe will begin contracting; the inhalation of the breath of Brahman will begin. As all matter and energy converges, Black Holes will be created with greater frequency, and ultimately the entire Universe will be drawn together again into a single point, a vast black hole into which all space-time will inhale. This final Omega Point, the end, may in turn produce another Big Bang wherein Brahman takes a new breath and a new Universe is formed. If the law of fractal recursiveness holds true, the new Universe will repeat certain basic forms, but it will do so with new and unique variations and differences.


Microcosm and macrocosm are not causes, but parameters of evolution. The world of Man between the macrocosm and microcosm is called the mesocosm. This is the digital field of Information and Number. Here living consciousness evolves into progressively higher levels of complex Self Organization, higher and more sophisticated information systems. It proceeds from the mineral world, to plant, animal, Man, up to the Great Singularity, the subject of the Universe, God – the Ultimate Mainframe. These are stages of expanding integration of consciousness into individual being, expanding coherences of data. The stages parallel the involution of energy according to the dimensions.

The ability to organize, to make sense of data and information, comes from within the conscious being itself. It is not imposed on the being from outside forces, and so scientists call this the Self Organizing principle or Auto Poiesis. Although the inherent ability to self organize is not predetermined, or governed by outside forces, at each level its evolution seems to follow the patterns of one of the four chaotic attractors.

# Point like Attractor – Crystal. # Circuit/Cycle Attractor – Plant. # Torus Attractor – Animal. # Strange Attractor – Man.

The four attractors create cosmos out of chaos; “God” is both their origin and aim. The quantum after reaching the molecular stage is a parcel of God which thereafter incarnates as a separate self organized entity on the Mesocosmic level. In that sense we are all Information, intelligent bits of data, organizing and reorganizing, in and out of cyberspace!

Self organized consciousness evolves upward on the mesocosm. Starting in the crystal form, viruses and the genetic code, an ascension begins of greater degrees of conscious integration – more and more intelligent Information. Entities organize themselves into ever more complicated and ornate systems. The life forms evolve and adapt and bring coherence to larger systems in new ways as the creation of the Universe continues, and the information processing advances. With each stage of the evolutionary ladder of self organization one direction of symmetry is lost and one level of freedom is gained.

  • The crystal has complete symmetry. The Point Attractors allow the energy in inorganic molecules to self organize as organic molecules, to cross the bridge from the microcosm of lifeless molecules and energy, to the mesocosm of living crystals. With crystals, both organic and inorganic, everything is attracted to a single point, all line up in perfect order. All three axes, up and down, right and left, front and behind are the same; the molecules are in perfect symmetric order. The microcosmical geometric structure is balanced by the Moon, the weather it produces, and the four states of matter: solid, fluid, gaseous or fire. At the crystalline level the essential code controlling all further life formation is created, the DNA/RNA life structure. Life then uses these crystalline forms of amino acids to grow in size by cellular division, by scaling and multiplication. It preserves the essential data of the life forms and passes the information down through the generations
  • The plant looses one symmetry: the vertical, up/down symmetry. The cycle attractors allow the simplest crystalline life forms to self organize to a higher form of consciousness where greater freedom is possible and more information can be processed. The top of the plants, the crown, differs from the roots, and the two are connected by the stem. Now only the left and right and front and back axes of a plant remain symmetrical. This is called radial or cylindrical symmetry: two axes of symmetry. Trees alternate between seed and gestalt, with the axis of all plant life pointing to the earth, and its energy received directly from the Sun through photosynthesis. There is a vertical flow back and forth, from the leaves to the roots and visa versa, according to the cycle attractor.
  •  Under the influence of the Torus attractors the next stage in the evolutionary ladder, the animal, was reached. The animal has again freed itself of another symmetry, the front/back symmetry, with front as nourishment and back as excrements. The front and rear of animals are different, as are the top and bottom, but the right and left of animals remains symmetrical. This is bilateral symmetry with one axis of symmetry. The animals feed on plants and each other, and are directed by the four drives: nourishment, fear, aggression and reproduction in the double frame of survival and species instinct. Animals follow the Torus attractor, they engage in complex behaviors and information processing, and are dependent upon each other and the environment in multileveled ecological systems.
  •  Around 11,000 years ago the first Neolithic Man evolved from Paleolithic animal Man. From that time on we have had the potential to shed the last right-left symmetry by taming the Strange attractors.

Since the human life stage is relatively new, it is not surprising that we are still born with the animals right-left axis of symmetry and must strive to attain true Humanity. Although there are some differences in the symmetry of the human face, overall we are as left-right symmetrical as the other animals. But with our neocortex abilities, our capacities of language and number, we can self organize out of this last constraint. This is now beginning to happen on a global scale. Human kind is moving into a digital culture. We are learning to feed on Information itself, shifting the focus of our economies from agriculture and industry, to the coherent processing and communication of Information.

One of the keys to continued creative self organization is the coherent application of chance to ride the strange attractors. In this way we can use both the brains we are born with, the left and right hemispheres of the neocortex. The left hemisphere, turned to the cosmos and structure is digital, linear. The right hemisphere, turned towards chaos and chance has its origin in the nine numerals, the archetypes of fractal scaling. Each should be allowed to develop fully, to be different and totally asymmetrical. When the right brain is as strong as the left, a higher identity is created – new levels of information are processed and assimilated into our being. The higher self follows the Strange attractors, epitomized by Mandelbrot set, and also corresponding to the musical octave and the Tao symbol.

Most of us are still right left symmetrical because our left brain so totally dominates the right. We have to shift our emphasis from cosmos to chaos, from left brain dominance, to right brain balance. Then the right is not just an imitation of the left, it is different, unique. The entirely new vistas of data open up to us. The last symmetry is gone and the two asymmetrical sides can then cohere in a new singularity.

Right brain coherence comes through receptivity to the workings of the Strange attractors, to constrained chance. In the moments when this is realized, when we are in a coherent flow with the unpredictable turbulence of the World, we have attained the birthright of Man. We have realized the potential to self organize to a higher stage of evolution. As a whole being, in touch with both sides of ourself and others, we transcend the left-right animal symmetry. With two fully developed, yet distinctly different brains, we are autonomous, asymmetrical, truly free from outside manipulation. We have attained a higher inner coherence, a self organization in the midst of chaos. We surf the tidal wave of information – with comprehension, not fear. To animal man we seem like Strange attractors indeed. On the surface, and in the moment, our actions may appear haphazard and foolhardy, but over time the wisdom and beauty of the Human Man will be apparent to all. The beauty of the Information Age will shine!

    0. The highest stage, beyond even the higher Man, is merger with God, the Great Singularity beyond name and form, as the real subject of Being, through synchronicity, love, and illumination: reaching the eternal moment - the infinite.

The five stages correspond to the dimensions (0-4) and mind layers:

  4   Sleep               Mineral        Molecule

  3   Dream               Plant          Atom

  2   Reflection          Animal         Electron

  1   Waking              Man            Photon

  0   Awareness           God            Quanta

Zero dimension Awareness makes possible integration of the four dimensions and the four states of consciousness. It allows Man to enter the fourth dimension and gives him access to the fractal forces of the Strange attractors.

By moving from the left to the right brain in regression you can relive past lives, past evolution, back to the origin of the Universe in the Great Singularity, and the exploding force of the primal Fire-Quanta. This regression back to the original primal Quanta is one way to get in touch with the source of Self-Organization, the Power of CHI. When you have tapped your inner powers, your CHI, by opening yourself to your entire brain, both right and left, you will have the energy and force needed to maintain coherence in the fractal chaos of the fourth dimension. This is the key to riding the flood waves of information, instead of being drowned by it. CHI provides you with the processing power and speed you need to deal with reality, and the continual flood of new information which it brings.

Lest you think all this is radical and new, think again. Although the scientific information is new, the basic insights are ancient. A very old aphorism, popularized about a hundred years ago by the German philosopher Schelling, said it all:

God sleeps in the Minerals,
Dreams in the Plants,
Thinks in the Animals,
And Awakes in Man.

So, awaken, fellow Internet surfer! Dive into the turbulent waters of the Strange Attractor, and self organize to a higher level of Information processing.